• What is Global Dinners?

    Global Dinners is a real-life social network that uses technology to bring people together to share engaging dining experiences. Our users walk into the restaurant not knowing who they’ll meet and walk out with new connections, new friends and new ideas. The dinner parties are always kept to 6 people so that you really get to know your fellow diners. The goal is to enjoy a mindful moment and connect with like-minded individuals you might otherwise not have met, thus creating a real sense of community.

  • What are the Global Dinners communities?

    Each university or company that signs up to Global Dinners constitutes a different community. As a user, you can participate in the dinners that belong to your community or you can join events that mix different communities, thus expanding your networking opportunities.

  • Who attends the dinners?

    Each dinner either belongs to a specific community or brings in people from different communities. Users can check on the platform to which system each dinner belongs. So, even though our diners do not know who’s attending the dinner, it is guaranteed they will network and socialise with a selected community.

  • Can I organise my own dinner?

    You can absolutely organise your own dinner parties. All you have to do is click on the tab“More” on the website and suggest a theme and a restaurant if you want to (otherwise we will do that for you). We will then choose the diners and promote your event.

  • Why do you keep the attendee list secret?

    The list of attendees is kept secret because the idea is for the diners to get to know each other during the dinner as opposed to finding it out beforehand. This is where our technology comes into play. It allows us to come up with dinner parties comprising people we believe have a lot to share with each other.

  • Why do you keep the restaurant secret?

    Even though all our partner restaurants have been pre-vetted by our team and users, at Global Dinners we want the food to be the backdrop as opposed to the main attraction. This is why we keep the restaurant secret until one day before the dinner; we do not want our diners to pick a given event because of where it is being hosted, but because they are interested in what will be discussed.

  • Are there only dinners in the platform?

    Our main purpose is to bring people together. Initially, we are focusing on dinners and on optimising how the matching and overall experience can be delivered. However, our medium-term plan definitely encompasses more kinds of events.

  • Are there different kinds of dinners?

    Yes. At Global Dinners we try and cater for different users with a diverse range of interests. Due to this, you’ll be able to find from simple dinners (in which only the cuisine is fixed) all the way through to dinners with experts who share their knowledge with our diners.

  • Why do you ask for a prepayment?

    At Global Dinners, we only feature partner restaurants, and we are able to offer our diners discounts in the meal prices. Prepaying the restaurants allows us to do so.

  • What does the prepayment include?

    The price of the dinner typically includes an appetizer and a main course but please do check the menu for a specific event to see what is included in that particular one. The service charge is included but drinks are usually not.

  • Why can’t I find you on social media?

    In keeping with our mission of bringing people together and promoting face-to-face conversations, we try not to incentivise screen time and for this reason we do not have social media pages. We would like our users to really embrace mindfulness so we give them one less reason to stay on their phones. Once you sign up, however, you will hear from us through our customised newsletters, in which we feature recommended dinners.

  • What happens if I cannot attend?

    If for any reason you can no longer attend an event, just drop us a line on Please be aware that we will not be able to refund your prepayment if you cancel less than 48 hours before the dinner. Because a lot of care goes into coming up with the dinner parties and we have a waitlist, we kindly ask you to let us know as soon as possible should you have a change of plans. That allows us to give your spot to someone else.

  • How do you make money?

    Global Dinner’s main purpose is not only to make it easier for people to get together but to encourage and make that possible on a big scale. In order for this to be possible, we need to be a sustainable business and this is why we charge a 10% fee on top of your dinner price. Our ‘fee’ is already included on the dinner price and because our partner restaurants give us discounts you still pay less through Global Dinners despite the fee.

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